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10.21.16 - Mid-Career Faculty Workshop
UH ADVANCE is hosting a "Mid-Career Faculty" workshop for all UH women associate professors. The event will include panel sessions, "speed mentoring," and keynote, given by Dr. Felecia Diane McInnis Nave, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Prairie View A&M University. RSVP here.

10.27.16 - STEM in the Americas: Carmen Albizu-Garcia
Dr. Carmen Albizu-GarcĂ­a, professor in the Department of Health Services Evaluation, Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, will give a presentation entitled: "Are we Enhancing the Impact of Findings from Research with Vulnerable Populations: A Case Study of Benefits Not Accrued."  More Info

Gender Equity and Diversity News

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The goal of the NSF ADVANCE program is to increase the number and success of women faculty in the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and behavioral sciences fields.

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Lisa Robertson
Managing Director, Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success 



News from the Center

As the Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success moves into a monthly newsletter format, information on the activities of the various committees and subcommittees will be shared monthly. For suggestions and comments, please contact Lisa Robertson.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is partnering with the Recruitment and Retention Committee to begin offering Search Committee training workshops to key stakeholders. The groups have also collaborated on developing and hosting a series of diversity workshops for department chairs.

The Career Paths Subcommittee conducted a survey to gather data about competencies to serve as Dean and Associate Dean.  The committee is reviewing the data and will incorporate into their portfolio of Career Paths material.

The Work Life Infrastructure Committee, building on the successful March 25, 2016 Fueling Innovation Through Transformation (FITT) event plans to develop programs for UH women faculty of color.

The social sciences study team is working with the Faculty Senate to report results of the tenure-track faculty survey conducted in spring 2016. The study team is planning to administer this fall a survey to the full time, non-tenure track faculty.

The Faculty Mentoring Committee has launched phase two of the effort to develop mentoring guidelines for all UH departments. Seven STEM departments reviewed draft guidelines in phase one, and an additional seven departments will review guidelines in phase two. Faculty involved in mentoring from all 14 departments are encouraged to implement the processes described in the guidelines as appropriate, and additional feedback will be requested in a survey next spring.


Powering the Air and Sea: Ardebili Receives Two Grants to Store Energy
Haleh Ardebili, Bill D. Cook Associate Professor in mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering received two grants from the Subsea Systems Institute and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, to develop batteries that can transform in shape. Learn More

  Erin Kelleher
  Kelleher, assistant professor of biology and biochemistry, studies how genomes maintain stability through the evolution of regulatory mechanisms that control the activity of jumping genes.

Kelleher Studies the Evolution of Genomic Stability
Erin Kelleher, assistant professor of biology and biochemistry in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is studying how genomes maintain stability through the evolution of mechanisms that regulate the activity of these jumping genes. Learn More

NSF Grant Funds Research on Evolution of Social Cooperation
Elizabeth Ostrowski, assistant professor of biology and biochemistry in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, was awarded a four-year, $696,634 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the evolution of cheating behaviors. Learn More

Rosenda Murillo's Research Impacts Houston's Latino Population
The Latino population is often plagued by cardiovascular health issues and Type 2 diabetes.  Rosenda Murillo, assistant professor of psychological health and learning sciences in the College of Education, seeks to enhance our understanding of these diseases in order to prevent them. Learn More

College of Technology Professor Named 'Woman of Distinction'
Monika Zarzycka, instructional associate professor of digital media in the College of Technology was one of 10 women honored as a Woman of Distinction at the Graph Expo & Print 2016 Annual Conference. Learn More

How and When Networking Leads to Higher Turnover
Caitlin Porter, assistant professor of industrial organizational psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences conducted a study in which researchers report that offering opportunities for workers to network with their colleagues can reduce the likelihood of turnover by 140 percent. Learn More

Maya Gough  
Biomedical engineering graduate student Maya Gough studies the effects of vitamin D deficiency on a cell affected by tuberculosis.  

Biomedical Engineering Student Investigates the Effects of Vitamin Deficiency on Infectious Disease
Maya Gough, a biomedical engineering graduate student at the College of Engineering was invited to speak at the 2016 Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society International Conference this summer. Gough's research focuses on the effects of vitamin D deficiency on a cell affected by tuberculosis (TB). Learn More

Fatima Merchant Develops Decision Making System for Breast Reconstruction
Fatima Merchant, associate professor of engineering technology in the College of Technology and collaborators from MD Anderson and UT Austin are developing a shared decision-making system for breast cancer patients considering breast reconstruction, and their surgeons. Learn More

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Lisa Robertson
Managing Director, Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success | 713-743-4210 |

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