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ADVANCE Regional Network (ARN)

A feature of the Center for ADVANCING UH Faculty Success is the establishment of an ADVANCE Regional Network (ARN), the first-ever, regional, multi-institutional-level ADVANCE network. Consisting of five Texas-based current or graduated ADVANCE institutions – Prairie View A&M , Rice University, Texas A&M University, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and University of Houston – each ARN partner brings a broad set of expertise that is shared through mentoring programs, networks, workshops, special events, and webinars. ARN also provides a platform for ADVANCE centers to reach out to other minority-serving institutions and engage in dialogue about women faculty’s experiences and help catalyze activities to improve the success of women STEM faculty.

Programs and Initiatives

Chair-to-Chair Workshops - The workshops provide department chairs and ADVANCE faculty with best practices in recruiting, retaining and developing women and women of color in science and social/behavioral science disciplines. Recent workshops include a talk by Dr. Pamela Obiomon (Pairie View A&M).

pamela-obiomon.pngPeer to Peer Workshop: Trials and Triumphs of STEM Women in Leadership
Dr. Pamela Obiomon, Department Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Prairie View A&M University
View the Presentation: Trials and Triumphs of STEM Women in Leadership

Postdoc Network – The ARN Post-doc events and networks are geared towards enhancing the connections between post-docs and faculty members across ARN institutions. As part of the ARN postdoc network, ADVANCE has provided post-docs with opportunities to strengthen ties within UH. Prior to ADVANCE, UH did not have an organized post-doc resource group. At this point, post-docs are connected with one another and participate regularly in UH postdoc events and in ARN events. They are further involved in postdoc events at the Texas Medical Center, geared towards promoting the transitions of postdocs to research positions in academia and industry.

The postdoctoral Fellows Association at UH is featured on the Provost's office, along with relevant contact information:

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