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Admission Appeals Process

Freshman applicants to the University of Houston who do not meet regular admission requirements may request further consideration by submitting a Freshman Admissions Appeal Form. An appeal to reconsider our original admission decision may or may not change the decision. Generally, less than 25 percent of the appeals will result in a changed admissions decision. Students are encouraged to appeal only if (1) their academic credentials (test scores and/or grades) have changed significantly or (2) they wish to provide additional information that further explains personal circumstances that may have affected their ability to meet admissions requirements.

All Freshman Admission Appeal decisions are final.

Freshman Instructions

If you are a freshman applicant who believes there are extenuating circumstances that affected your ability to meet admissions requirements, or if your academic credentials have significantly improved since you received your original admission decision, you may consider appealing our admissions decision.

To be considered for this option, you must complete a Freshman Admissions Appeal Form and return it to the Office of Admissions along with:

  • Personal Statement (The statement should include information explaining why the student should be considered for admission and the supplemental factor(s) that form the basis of his/her request.)
  • Letters of Support (At least two letters of support from school counselors, teachers, and/or personal references who can confirm that there is reasonable evidence that the student can succeed academically at the University of Houston. Please do not include letters from immediate family members.)
  • Resume (List employment, volunteer hours, extracurricular activities, talents and awards)
  • At least TWO SAT or ACT scores (Scores must be submitted electronically through College Board or ACT)
  • Updated Official High School Transcript (Should include grades from most recently completed semester)
  • Official College Transcript (Only for students earning dual credit for college courses in high school)

You may also submit additional information for consideration. Factors that may assist in determining academic readiness under the Admissions Appeal provision may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • high school attended
  • first-generation college attendance
  • employment experience
  • special abilities such as bilingual proficiency and meeting family responsibilities
  • individual achievements
  • leadership activities
  • public service
  • extracurricular activities

Your admissions file will be reviewed by the University of Houston Admission Appeal Review Committee. Consideration for admission can occur ONLY if the applicant has submitted ALL required documents above.

Students who choose to participate in the Admissions Appeal provision may not be admitted into to the academic program of their choice. All freshman students admitted through an Admission Appeal are required to be an Undecided major for their first semester at UH. After successful completion of their first semester, students may speak to an advisor about declaring the major of their choice.

The Admission Appeal Review Committee is very selective when approving Admissions Appeals. The Committee will not select students who they believe will be at an academic disadvantage. The Committee pays close attention to academic history and trends. Generally, less than 25 percent of the students who participate in Freshman Admission Appeals are approved.


Freshman Admission Appeal decisions occur on a rolling basis. You will receive notification by email after your documents have been reviewed. To be assured that your documents can be reviewed for the semester applied, all required documents must be submitted no later than the appropriate date indicated below:

Semester of Enrollment Freshman Deadline
Summer Term May 4, 2018
Fall Term June 29, 2018

For more Admission Appeal information, please call (713) 743-1010 and follow the automated instructions and ask to speak to an Admissions Counselor or send an email to