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Orientation Team


Orientation Team Mission Statement
The Orientation Team (O-Team) is a family comprised of a unique group of student leaders who distinguish themselves on campus as a liaison between the University of Houston and new students/families.  The O-Team aids in each student’s success by beginning their integration into the academic, social and cultural aspects of the UH community.

  • Academic integration — We establish the academic commitment required to graduate through peer interactions and academic sessions.
  • Social integration — We create the social aspect in the student’s first interaction with their peers by facilitating student programming and encouraging the student to get involved.
  • Cultural integration — We shape the cultural acceptance by facilitating small groups that create exposure to cultural and peer dynamics.

The Director Staff

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Meet The Director's Staff

Carlos Gallegos
Executive Director


Hometown: Houston, TX
Classification: Junior
Major: Communication Disorders
Why I love O-Team: I love O-Team because it provides me with a home here at the University of Houston, and it lets me show my passion for the school and for the students every time I work. Also, O-Team has helped me impact students in ways I never could have imagined before. I am grateful for this program and for my FAMILY here on O-Team. Go COOGS!

Alex Tai
CREW Director


Hometown: Houston, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Why I love O-Team: O-Team creates a safe haven for all students entering the University of Houston to be themselves in every aspect and start their career of higher learning on the right foot.

Vanessa Green
CREW Director


Hometown: Kingwood, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Nutrition
Why I love O-Team: I love O-Team because I love connecting with other students and showing how incredible the University of Houston is to new students.

Akash Rao
Family Programs Director


Hometown: Stafford, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Psychology and Nursing
Why I love O-Team: I love O-Team because it gives me an opportunity to impact and inspire many people.

Lizbeth Hernandez
Family Programs Director


Hometown: Houston, TX
Classification: Junior
Major: Business
Why I love O-Team: I love O-Team because it allows me to help make the college transition easier and fun for incoming students.

Haley DeMerchant
Staff Morale and Marketing Director


Hometown: Pearland, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Education
Why I love O-Team: I love O-Team because I get to spend time with amazing people and make unforgettable memories with them. It is a wonderful way to make lifelong friends with your co-workers and with the incoming students!

Daniel Nolan
Student Track Director


Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Photography/Digital Media
Why I love O-Team: I love being a part of O-Team because it is an important part of the University, and I get to help contribute to it.

Fatema Janoowala
Student Track Director


Hometown: Katy, TX
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Engineering
Why I love O-Team: I love O-Team because we are not only a team, we are a family. You are taught to accept and love yourself along with others for who they are — while loving the best University.