Orientation Team


Orientation Team Mission Statement
The Orientation Team (O-Team) is a family comprised of a unique group of student leaders who distinguish themselves on campus as a liaison between the University of Houston and new students/families.  The O-Team aids in each student’s success by beginning their integration into the academic, social and cultural aspects of the UH community.

  • Academic integration — We establish the academic commitment required to graduate through peer interactions and academic sessions.
  • Social integration — We create the social aspect in the student’s first interaction with their peers by facilitating student programming and encouraging the student to get involved.
  • Cultural integration — We shape the cultural acceptance by facilitating small groups that create exposure to cultural and peer dynamics.

Applications for 2014-2015 Orientation Team Leaders are no longer being accepted.

Cougar Carnival 2015

We are no longer accepting applications for Cougar Carnival. For additional information, please email us at stnsc@central.uh.edu.

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