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Cougar Lingo

Make sure you brush up on your Cougar lingo before you get to campus for Orientation!

Shasta (Mascot)
Shasta is the University of Houston’s mascot. The first Shasta arrived on campus in 1947 and the fifth Shasta died in 1989. The fifth Shasta was the last live cougar mascot. All of the cougars but the first Shasta were raised in captivity.

Scarlet Red and Albino White  
The official colors of the University of Houston are scarlet red and albino white. These were the colors of Sam Houston’s ancestor, Sir Hugh, and were adopted by the university at the same time as the seal.  Scarlet red represents “the blood of royalty that was spared due to the timely arrival of Sir Hugh and the blood that is the source of the soul.”  Albino white denotes “the purity and perfections of the heart, mind and soul engaged in the effort to serve faithfully that which is, by right and reason, justly served.”  In layman’s terms, the red stands for courage or the inner strength to face the unknown, while the white stands for the good of helping one’s fellow man.

The “Cougar Sign”
The tradition dates back to 1953, when the first Shasta, lost a toe in a cage door on her way to a game. The opposing team, the University of Texas, mocked UH by imitating the cougar's injury. The Cougars soon adopted that gesture as a symbol of pride.

The "Cougar Sign" is made by folding the ring finger of the right hand over the thumb.

Whose House? Coog’s House!
This saying is chanted by Cougars during sporting events. Someone will start by yelling “Whose House?” and the crowd answers “Coog’s House!” to show that wherever we go, we own the house!

Frontier Fiesta
Frontier Fiesta is a student-run, student-led festival hosted by the University of Houston to promote scholarship, community, and education in the University of Houston students, staff, and faculty, as well as in the Houston community. Frontier Fiesta is a diverse showcase of the talents of the University of Houston’s student body. Each year a piece of our campus is transformed into a fully functional town called "Fiesta City." Frontier Fiesta features free live concerts each night, variety shows by student organizations, carnival booths, multicultural performances, and a BBQ Cook-Off and Bake Fiesta.

The University Center is located across from the Hilton Hotel on campus. In the UC, students are able to hangout or have lunch with friends between classes. It also houses the Campus Activities offices, bookstore and a few other areas you will want to visit.

The Satellite
The Satellite is an underground food court and student lounge area that has multiple places to eat.  The Satellite is a great place to meet friends and to have fun and relax.  The choices range from Starbucks to Taco Bell to Kim Son.  Make sure you check it out!

Also known as the Cougar Paws, C-stores are convenient stores around campus in different locations. There are a total of five on campus in the following locations: The Rec, The OB, Moody Towers, the Satellite, and UC.

The OB
Oberholtzer Hall is located in the middle of The Quadrangle. The Residence Life and Housing office is housed here along with a cafeteria and four residential halls. The OB is a unique place to hang out on campus while enjoying the view.

Cougar One Cards
This card is used for multiple purposes on campus.  Your Cougar One Card provides access to the library and The Rec as well as providing a simple form of ID while on campus. You can also put cash on your card and use it on campus at different restaurants and C-stores.

The Rec
The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is located in the front of campus.  The Rec has numerous fitness opportunities for students that range from aquatics, fitness classes, to intramural sports.

PGH- “The Breezeway”
Philip Guthrie Hoffman (PGH) is located in front of M.D. Anderson Library. It hosts Einstein’s Bros. Bagels and Information Technology Services. This breezeway gives you a neat look at campus and is a great stop for resources.

The Frontiersmen
The Frontiersmen were established in 1948 as a result of a concentrated effort to promote more school spirit within the student body. The primary purpose was to support the University of Houston in any and all endeavors. This included support for the athletic department, Frontier Fiesta, and academics. The original Frontiersmen were among the most dedicated and loyal students at the time. After many years of Frontiersmen history and service to the University, the Frontiersmen tradition laid dormant for quite some time. This tradition was officially revived in 1992.

In the spring of 1993, the first Wranglers were worn and dusters were added to the attire. Until then, the Frontiersmen wore the attire similar to the original members. In the fall of 1994, the Frontiersmen began running the UH Flag across the field each time the football team scored. In 1996, the Frontiersmen displayed the Texas Flag as well as the University of Houston flag at football games as a form of respect and obligation as the lone representative of the State of Texas in the newly formed Conference USA. The tradition has continued although other Texas universities have joined Conference USA in recent years.
The Cougar Fight Song
Cougars fight for dear old U of H
For our Alma Mater cheer.
Fight for Houston University
For victory is near.
When the going gets so rough and tough
We never worry cause we got the stuff.
So fight, fight, fight for red and white
And we will go to victory.
Lyrics: Forest Fountain • Music: Marion Ford

The Alma Mater
All hail to thee,
Our Houston University.
Our hearts fill with gladness
When we think of thee.
We’ll always adore thee
Dear old varsity.
And to thy memory cherished,
True we’ll ever be.
Words and music by Harmony Class of 1942