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Bid Evaluations - FY17

ITB730-16038 Retinal Camera for Ocular Imaging
ITB730-16049 Heavy Duty High Speed Folder Inserter
ITB730-16062 Landfill for Disposal of Solid Waste - Rebid
ITB730-16084 Bayou Oaks Apartment Furniture
ITB730-16102 Vehicle Owned by University of Houston
ITB730-16109 Carl Lewis Auditorium AV Project
ITB730-16132 Hotel Venue for Graduation Banquet ‘17
ITB730-17051 Hotel Venue for Spring & Fall 2017 Symposiums
ITB730-17071 Video Wall Display System
ITB730-17079 Landfill Tx Station for Disposal of Solid Waste
ITB730-17102 Computer Cluster - Rebid
ITB730-17105 LED Televisions with Pro idiom
ITB730-17110 Refurbished HPLC System
ITB730-17116 Dust Mops - Rental Services
ITB730-17137 Captionist Services
RFP730-16097 Electronic Health Record - Shortlist
RFP730-16097 Electronic Health Record
RFP730-16134 Hyperion Planning
RFP730-16144 Business and Service Review of Parking Services - Rebid
RFP730-16151 In-Plant Printing
RFP730-16153 Direct Mail for University Advancement - Annual Giving
RFP730-16155 Appraisal of System-wide Public Art Collection
RFP730-16156 Campus Space Utilization Study
RFP730-16159 Developing Data Visualizations
RFP730-17001 (RFQ730-16147) CMAR Basketball Arena Enhancements
RFP730-17002 Cougar Village 1 Facade Repairs
RFP730-17004 Welcome Center Parking Lot
RFP730-17008 Review and Evaluation of Campus Safety Services
RFP730-17009 New Fire Sprinkler System and Abatement at Agnes Arnold Hall
RFP730-17012 Ticket Software Provider
RFP730-17013 HPM Audio Upgrade
RFP730-17017 HPM Fiber Optic Network Install
RFP730-17021 CM@R UHCL-Student Housing
RFP730-17025 CM@R UHV STEM Building - Shortlist
RFP730-17025 CM@R UHV STEM Building
RFP730-17031 Plumbing Assistance Contract
RFP730-17035 CM@R UHV-Sophomore Student Housing
RFP730-17036 MREB Phase II Lab Buildout
RFP730-17041 Water Systems CDM
RFP730-17042 Fleming Drive and Pedestrian Crosswalk
RFP730-17044 Ansul Systems Services
RFP730-17050 CM@R Science Building Renovation
RFP730-17056 Job Order Contract
RFP730-17061 College of Pharmacy Exterior Building Signage
RFP730-17065 E. Cullen North Retaining Wall
RFP730-17078 (RFQ730-17014) CM@R Quadrangle Housing - Shortlist
RFP730-17083 Conrad N. Hilton Hotel
RFP730-17097 Digital Marketing Reputation Campaign
RFP730-17106 Skype for Business Certified Contact Center - Rebid
RFP730-17107 Exterior Building Cleaning
RFP730-17109 Alumni Center Building 574 Restroom
RFP730-17112 Interior and Exterior Painting Services
RFP730-17113 Cougar Card System
RFP730-17114 Retained Executive Search Firm
RFP730-17115 Revenue Cycle Management
RFP730-17119 Website Design for Eye Institute
RFP730-17121 KUHF_KUHT Leased Tower Space
RFP730-17123 Wortham Theatre Building 507 Annex (Rebid)
RFP730-17127 Ambulatory Surgery Center Management
RFP730-17128 UH Trip to Berlin
RFP730-17129 UH Trip to Prague
RFP730-17130 UHD ACAD Roof Replacement
RFP730-17139 Lamar Fleming Building Envelope Water Intrusion Repair
RFP730-17141 Farish Hall Restroom Renovation
RFP783-16007 Advancing Federal Initiatives - BAFO
RFP783-16007 Advancing Federal Initiatives
RFP783-16008 Snack Vending - Shortlist
RFP783-16008 Snack Vending
RFP783-16009 Advancing State Initiatives
RFP783-17001 Capital Campaign Public Launch - Project
RFP783-17006 Energy Consulting
RFP783-17012 Design Services for UHS Public Art 50th Anniversary Monograph
RFP783-17013 Photography Services UHS Public Art 50th Anniversary Monograph
RFP783-17006 Energy Consulting – Shortlist
RFQ730-17014 CM@R Quadrangle Housing Replacement
RFQ730-17020 Qualified FQHC - Rebid
RFQ730-17022 AE UH-Main - Shortlist
RFQ730-17022 AE UH-Main Campus Science
RFQ730-17034 AE ERP Bldg 11 Renovation - Shortlist
RFQ730-17034 AE ERP Bldg 11 Renovation
RFQ730-17043 CM@R UH-Katy Academic Building
RFQ730-17052 Continue Programming Svcs.
RFQ730-17074 Continuing Architectural and Engineering Svcs.
RFQ730-17081 Conrad Hilton Design Firms Finish Refresh
RFQ730-17082 AE University of Houston Garage No. 5 - Shortlist
RFQ730-17082 AE University of Houston Garage No. 5
RFQ730-17098 A&E UHV Renovations to Town Plaza Mall
RFQ730-17099 CM@R University of Houston Garage No. 5
RFQ730-17099 RFP730-17133 CM@R UH Garage No. 5 - Shortlist (BAFO)
RFQ730-17099 RFP730-17133 CM@R UH Garage No. 5 - Shortlist (Original)
RFQ730-17101 MEP Continuing Engineering Design Services
RFQ730-17104 UH Advancing Community
RFQ730-17131 AE Athletic Alumni Center Student Study Renovation