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Bid Evaluations - FY16

ITB730-16027 Multi-viewer System for KUHT-TV
ITB730-16038 Retinal Camera for Ocular Imaging
ITB730-16062 Landfill for Disposal of Solid Waste - Rebid
ITB730-16080 Housekeeping Attendants
ITB730-16084 Bayou Oaks Apartment Furniture
ITB730-16109 Carl Lewis Auditorium AV Project
RFO730-16032 ORPCC Compliance Oversight Online System
RFO730-16034 Deploy Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Solution
RFO730-16050 Student Class Schedule Building Solution
RFP730-16001 Brokerage Services for Selling of 91.7 Frequency, Transmitter and Tower
RFP730-16011 Marketing  Public Relations Services
RFP730-16014 Assistance for In-Progress Implementation of PeopleSoft Grants
RFP730-16015 Summer 2016 International Business Residency - China
RFP730-16020 Water Meter Abandonment at Cougar Place
RFP730-16021 Minerals Management Program
RFP730-16024 Real Estate Brokerage Services
RFP730-16026 Digital Indoor Marquee
RFP730-16033 Equipment and Linen Rental
RFP730-16037 Academic Transcript
RFP730-16042 Uniformed and Unarmed Security Services As Needed
RFP730-16047 HCHRM Food and Beverage Management Services
RFP730-16056 New Fire Sprinkler
RFP730-16057 Employee Wellness Program
RFP730-16069 Interceptor Service Contract
RFP730-16070 CMAR UH Basketball Arena Enhancements
RFP730-16071 Marketing and Advertising
RFP730-16072 Developing Business Plan for New Medical School
RFP730-16081 Law Student Update Information
RFP730-16091 Copier Service
RFP730-16093 Fire Pump Controller Upgrade
RFP730-16094 Fan Shop - Shortlist
RFP730-16094 Fan Shop
RFP730-16097 Electronic Health Record - Shortlist
RFP730-16097 Electronic Health Record
RFP730-16100 New Fire Sprinkler System at E Cullen Adm Bldg and Performance Hall
RFP730-16101 UH Advancement - Enterprise Content Management System
RFP730-16105 Uniform Rental and Laundry Services
RFP730-16113 Business and Service Review of Campus Dining
RFP730-16119 Athletic Department Event Management Operations
RFP730-16120 Test Prep Classes for Continuing & Professional Studies
RFP730-16128 2017 Spring Break China Study Abroad
RFP730-16130 Flash Storage Array
RFP730-16134 Hyperion Planning
RFP730-16136 Managed Print Services for University of Houston Libraries
RFP730-16141 High-Quality Mobile Marketing Campaign
RFP730-16144 Business and Service Review of Parking Services - Rebid
RFP730-16151 In-Plant Printing
RFP730-16153 Direct Mail for University Advancement - Annual Giving
RFP730-16155 Appraisal of System-Wide Public Art Collection
RFP730-16156 Campus Space Utilization Study
RFP730-16159 Developing Data Visualizations
RFP783-16002 Construction and Renovation Project Manager Augmentation
RFP783-16003 Supplemental ORP-TDA
RFP783-16007 Advancing Federal Initiatives - 2 BAFO 
RFP783-16007 Advancing Federal Initiatives
RFP783-16008 Snack Vending - Shortlist
RFP783-16008 Snack Vending
RFP783-16009 Advancing State Initiatives
RFQ730-16016 Non-Affiliated Hearing Officer
RFQ730-16053 AE UH Basektball Arena Enhancements
RFP730-16059 Executive MBA Textbook Services
RFP730-16063 Auctioneer Services
RFP730-16088 Campus Wired Wi-Fi LAN Access Infrastructure
RFP783-16073 AE Indoor Football Practice Facility