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Budget Discussion

President Khator would like your input on the development of this year's budget.


If the Board of Regents were to approve a pool of funds for salary or other (non-salary) enhancements, should we proceed as we have done in the past (using the funds to pay for merit - putting everything into salary) or should we approach this in another way? For example, should we just focus on salary or provide other items that faculty or staff can benefit from? e.g. more childcare options, parking supplement etc. If only a salary increase is preferred, whose salary - faculty, staff, others (graduate assistants)? Although we are covered under the state-mandated benefits program, we are seeking suggestions for additional optional benefits or Work-Life programs were we have more flexibility. Any thoughts?

If the Board were to approve a salary increase, did last year's merit model work for you? Do you have suggestions for improvement? Is there a better way to tie compensation with performance? Please do not suggest across-the-board increases because the Board will want to see compensation tied to performance.

Please send suggestions or comments to Note that your suggestions will be posted anonymously on this site, and unfortunately, we are not able to provide responses to each individual email. Comments may be edited for length or clarity and not all comments are guaranteed to be posted.

The ideas and comments submitted in November 2010 can be found here:

Thank you for being a part of the conversation.