Alpha Chi Omega is a national women’s organization that enriches the lives of both its collegiate and alumnae members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning, and service.

Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 15, 1885, at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.

The colors of scarlet red and olive green were chosen to commemorate the autumn founding of Alpha Chi Omega.

Alpha Chi Omega’s open motto is “Together, let us seek the heights.”
The original motto of Alpha Chi Omega was “Ye daughters of Music, come up higher.”

Alpha Chi Omega was founded on the basis of mutual helpfulness and of congenial fellowship. Her purpose was the advancement of the intellectual, social and moral culture of her members.

Gifts to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation help support: academic programs, undergraduate scholarships and student loans, graduate fellowships, career development, Collegiate Leadership Consultant program, the support of victims of domestic violence, educational programming, the Talking About Alcohol program, Kristin’s Story, the MacDowell Colony, and other altruistic projects of Alpha Chi Omega.

The selection of members for a lifetime involves the realization and acceptance that no chapter chooses for itself alone or without consideration of the past, present, and future. Membership in Alpha Chi Omega is determined by mutual choice. Alpha Chi Omega chooses its members by considering five criteria:

-ACADEMIC INTEREST—Alpha Chi Omega believes in the importance of intellectual development and encourages sound scholarship and intellectual achievement.
-CHARACTER—Alpha Chi Omega expects members to accept and reflect moral integrity and dignity, social awareness, and fraternity loyalty.
-FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY—Alpha Chi Omega expects members to be responsible for the prompt payment of all dues and fees and other financial commitments.
-LEADERSHIP ABILITY—Alpha Chi Omega believes that character, personality, and leadership are developed through participation in campus activities and encourages each collegian to be interested in her community.
-PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT—Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of members in their cultural appreciation, the social awareness, and personal presentation.

.There are more than 175, 000 initiated Alpha Chi Omegas
.Alpha Chi Omega currently has 132 active collegiate chapters
.Alpha Chi Omega has more than 10,000 collegiate members
.Alpha Chi Omega has more than 200 alumnae chapters
.Eighty-three chapters reside in Alpha Chi Omega houses
.The red carnation is the Alpha Chi Omega flower
.Alpha Chi Omega Headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
.Alpha Chi’s are all over the world, with more than 500 residing in foreign countries
.Last year Alpha Chi Omega awarded more than 40 scholarships and fellowships totaling almost $25,000
.More than 6,000 donors donated to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation’s annual giving campaign
.Alpha Chi Omega altruisms are the Easter Seal Society, the MacDowell Colony (an artists’ retreat), and support for the victims of domestic violence, and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation
.Alpha Chi’s support the fine arts—music, literature, drama, art, and dance, encouraging members’ intellectual development
.Alpha Chi Omega offers lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning, and service
.Alpha Chi Omega was founded as a women’s fraternity—at the time of our founding the word sorority had not yet been introduced


"Alpha Chi Omega has survived world wars, depressions, recessions, and campus unrest because it has adapted and changed as needed. The challenge lies in preserving our heritage as necessary changes are made. We are a bond of women working together, supporting each other in their ambitions, their trials, their joys, and their needs. Women caring together about each other, about their sisters, and about those outside our sisterhood. Women celebrating together the Fraternity heritage, which binds them together, the Fraternity support which keeps them together."