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Electrical Power Engineering Technology Major

B.S. in Electrical Power Engineering Technology
College of Technology

Degree Plan

Just as oil is refined into gasoline, energy sources such as natural gas must undergo a conversion process to make electrical power. Improvements to electrical energy systems will drive the next revolution in generating, transmitting, and using electrical power, thus raising standards of living and better serving the environment. Electrical Power Engineering Technologists design, analyze and improve computer-based power generation, delivery, and end user systems. Study electrical motors and generators and their computer based controls, as well as alternative energy sources. Learn about electrical power generating, transmission and distribution systems, and electrical power protection systems. Learn how to manage electrical projects and practice by doing an electrical design project with a team of your fellow students. Learn about power electronics that make electrical energy systems more efficient and reliable. Along with learning the theory of electrical power systems, see how the electrical machines work by doing practical experiments with them in the power laboratory.


Freshman Admissions

Freshman applicants are required to meet general university freshman admission requirements.

Transfer Admissions

Transfer applicants must meet the general university transfer admissions requirements.


A degree in Electrical Power Engineering Technology offers job opportunities in the fields of electronic devices, control and regulation, magnetic, electronic circuit packaging and manufacturing, etc. UH Electric Power Engineering Technology graduates have received offers as Design Engineers, Project Engineers, Application Engineers, Plant Engineers, Marketing and Customer Service Representatives for Engineering firms, etc. More information regarding job titles, salary information of Cougar Alumni as well as national salary information can be found at Cougar Careers . For assistance in career planning and development, please visit University Career Services .

Contact Information

College of Technology
300 Technology Building
Houston, TX 77204-4021
Phone: 713-743-4100

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