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Earth Science Major

BA in Earth Sciences
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Degree Plan

Earth Science is a broad discipline that includes the study of the materials, processes, and evolution of the Earth's global systems (air, water, ice, rocks and minerals, and life forms) and their interactions. The Earth Sciences bachelor degree offers a program that provides students an opportunity to obtain a broad education and a general background in the earth sciences with a greater degree of freedom in choosing electives than in the Bachelor of Science programs. The Earth Science degree is designed to be a science-based Bachelor of Arts degree. It is not intended to train professional earth scientists. Other baccalaureate programs in the Earth Sciences department (Geology, Water Resources, and Meteorology) are designed to prepare students for these specific disciplines. By careful choice of electives through the Earth Science program, students can prepare for graduate school, business, or industry.


Freshman Admissions

First, freshman applicants are required to meet general university freshman admission requirements . You are also urged to earn at least two units/credits in one foreign language.

Transfer Admissions

Applicants are required to meet general university transfer admissions requirements .


Possible careers with a degree in Earth Sciences include careers in environmental protection, teaching, governmental agencies and space exploration. More information regarding job titles, salary information of Cougar Alumni as well as national salary information can be found at Cougar Careers. For assistance in career planning and development, please visit University Career Services.

Contact Information

Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

312 Science and Research 1
Houston, TX 77204-5007
Phone: 713-743-3399

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