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Chemistry Major

BS in Chemistry
College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Degree Plan

Chemistry is a central science that connects the "hard sciences," including physics, with the "soft sciences," such as biology and medicine, and provides fundamental knowledge needed to deal with many needs of society. Discoveries of new materials, processes and solutions to problems such as pollution control depend upon a thorough grounding in this area of science. Students in the B.S. in chemistry program have opportunities to explore interests in analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry as well as biochemistry, geochemistry, solid-state and materials chemistry. A secondary education B.A. with a specialization in chemistry is also available.


Freshman Admissions

First, freshman applicants are required to meet general university freshman admission requirements . You are also urged to earn at least two units/credits in one foreign language.

Transfer Admissions

Applicants are required to meet general university transfer admissions requirements .


A solid undergraduate program of education in chemistry provides the necessary background for many career paths in chemical industries, government and other areas. Chemistry can be combined with law for patent work, economics for sales and marketing careers, and computer science for careers in information storage and retrieval. Students planning careers in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine often pursue a course of study in chemistry with supporting work in biology as the route for pre-professional training. UH Chemistry graduates have received offers as Lab Technicians, Research Associates, Instructors, Service Consultants, etc. as well as have gone on to receive graduate level education and have pursued careers in Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry. More information regarding job titles, salary information of Cougar Alumni as well as national salary information can be found at Cougar Careers. For assistance in career planning and development, please visit University Career Services.

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry
136 Fleming Building
Houston, TX 77204-5003
Phone: 713-743-2701

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