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Supply Chain Management Major

BBA in Supply Chain Management
C.T. Bauer College of Business

Degree Plan

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a major for students who wish to be involved in the management of operations (value-adding) processes; i.e. manufacturing, service production and delivery, distribution, supply. The SCM major builds on other areas of functional expertise that are part of the business degree, including marketing, finance, accounting and strategic planning. The major in Supply Chain Management provides a framework for linking these functional areas with specific areas of skill development that are focused in Supply Chain Management, i.e. in total quality management, productivity enhancement and time based competition. The major also provides in-depth analysis of operations decisions such as new product development, supply chain capacity planning, process technology planning, factory automation, production systems planning.

Coursework Examples:

Supply Chain Management majors take the same UH core, Pre-business, and advanced level business core as all other business majors.  Required foundational advanced level business core include SCM 3301 (Service and Manufacturing Operations) and SCM 4361 (Supply Chain Management). ; Elective courses include subjects such as Project Operations, Business Forecasting, Competitive Quality, Enterprise Resource Planning, Distribution and Inventory Management, and Logistics Management.

Related Student Organizations:

Business student organizations exist to provide professional development for students in this major and related specialty programs.  To view a complete listing of UH Bauer College student organizations and how to join them, visit the Business Student Activities website.


Students are not automatically admitted directly into the Supply Chain Management major.  Instead, all students who 1) apply and are accepted to UH, 2) request business as their major of choice on their application, and 3) meet UH Bauer College admission requirements are admitted to UH as Pre-business majors and are considered members of the Bauer College.  Current UH students may also become business majors after they begin at UH by meeting certain internal requirements and submitting an online request form. 

For specific UH and Pre-business admissions requirements, visit the UH Office of Admissions website or

After becoming Pre-business, students then change their major to a specific area (Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, or Supply Chain Management) before or during their junior year.  Declaring a specific major area in business is called "filing a degree plan" and has specific UH GPA and course completion requirements.;

Academic Advising

  • Newly admitted business students and prospective business students (including current UH students wishing to become business majors): Visit to view how to get advised for the first time. 

  • Currently enrolled pre-business and declared major students: Visit for walk-in schedules or appointments.


Graduates in Supply Chain Management typically begin their careers in line positions involving quality management, production and materials management and service support and delivery. UH Alumni from the Department of Supply Chain Management have received offers as Procurement Specialists, Production Planning Analysts, Inventory Control Leads, and Sales Agents. More information regarding job titles, salary information of Cougar Alumni as well as national salary information can be found at Cougar Careers . For assistance in career planning and development, please visit University Career Services , and or The Rockwell Career Center at the Bauer College of Business,

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