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College of Technology

The College of Technology has been part of the University of Houston for over 60 years and is well-known in the community for its contributions to the education of traditional and nontraditional students. The faculty play a leading role in providing and guiding the implementation of high quality, leading-edge technology education in Texas and in the nation. Our graduates are often leaders in their fields and are employed all over the world.

The College of Technology is organized as three departments: Engineering Technology (ET), Human Development and Consumer Sciences (HDCS), and Information and Logistics Technology (ILT). The faculty of these departments are involved in a wide spectrum of scholarly activity. Research in the Department of Engineering Technology focuses on the management and conservation of energy sources, heat transfer, materials and manufacturing, computer aided design, construction management, construction materials, surveying, environmental issues, neural networks, biotechnology, applications of fuzzy logic, control theory and applications, power quality, and high frequency amplification. Faculty in the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences research subjects in multiple talents, workforce preparation in merchandising, distance education, training and development, marketing education, and E-tailing. Faculty research in the Department of Information and Logistics Technology is concentrated on improving education in the areas of technology literacy, business and office education, supply chain management, data warehousing, grid computing, project management, distance learning, and graphic communications education. The following pages present descriptions of the degree requirements and courses offered by these departments.


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