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College of Pharmacy

Students at the College of Pharmacy have at their disposal virtually every resource and opportunity they need to acquire a first-class education in pharmacy.

In the college's facility on the University of Houston campus, an Education Technology Center provides advanced hardware and specialized software for class work and research needs.

For study and research needs, students can take advantage of the college's specialized library. The library offers thousands of volumes and more than 165 journal subscriptions.

In the college's second facility in the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, the students have the opportunity to train with physicians, medical students and members of our clinical faculty.

In addition to faculty/staff offices, research laboratories, computer center, and classrooms, the building houses the Contemporary Pharmacy Practice Laboratory (CPPL). In the CPPL, students learn techniques in pharmaceutical care by role-playing situations they would experience as pharmacists.

The Sterile Products Laboratory teaches students the latest aseptic methods of drug formulation and preparation, especially for use in hospitals and home care.


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