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College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) provides a link between the studies of human behavior and human experience. CLASS offers courses that explore the human condition through scientific knowledge, social structures, literature, language, philosophy, history and the arts.

In a cosmopolitan city boasting a major health complex, international commerce, and a flourishing arts community, CLASS is poised to translate its intellectual and creative passions into the marketplace of ideas and prepare its graduates to move rapidly into the arena of decision-making.

CLASS is the largest of UH's thirteen colleges, serving over 8,000 undergraduate majors and more than 1,000 graduate students. CLASS currently generates approximately 300,000 semester hours, nearly 40% of UH's total. With 24 schools, departments, programs and centers, CLASS fosters interdisciplinary initiatives while advancing disciplinary research and teaching.

All students at the university participate in the course work of the college by taking a core of subjects that form the common background necessary for all fields. The study of disciplines within CLASS will broaden students' understanding of life and prepare them for meaningful roles in a multi-cultural society.

Fulfilling the mission of serving as Houston's university of diversity, CLASS curricula are flexible and encourage students to pursue a variety of intellectual interests while studying a specific area in greater depth. Courses in the college are designed to foster communication and reasoning skills. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, to analyze, and to achieve independent judgment. Emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of a wide range of knowledge and the development of mature, self-reliant, self-disciplined persons. The college also offers preprofessional training in fields such as education, communication, law, business, and government.

The knowledge, teaching skills, and research ability of the faculty enable them to instruct and counsel students in all phases of their respective disciplines.


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