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Enrollment Schedule

Summer/Fall 2017

Enrollment appointments for Summer/Fall 2017 will be posted in the myUH Student Center on March 20, 2017

Also beginning on March 20, 2017, students can start planning their class schedule and loading classes into their shopping cart in anticipation of enrollment by using the Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner features

For more information regarding exactly what the Schedule Planner is, how students will access it through their myUH Student Center, and a step-by-step PowerPoint procedure on how to use the tool, please visit this Student Resources page.

Students should check the Undergraduate catalog or Graduate catalog for course requisites.  Continuing students may begin making class selections and preparing for their enrollment appointment according to the schedule below.

Newly-admitted students for the Summer/Fall 2017 term will enroll for classes during their mandatory New Student Conferences.

Enrollment Appointments and Open Enrollment for Summer/Fall 2017
Student ClassificationEnrollment by Appointment BeginsOpen Enrollment Begins
Graduate/Optometry/Pharmacy Saturday, April 8 Sunday, April 9
Law (first cohort)* Monday, April 10 Thursday, April 13
Law (second cohort)* Tuesday, April 11 Thursday, April 13
Law (third cohort)* Wednesday, April 12 Thursday, April 13
Senior/Post-Baccalaureate Monday, April 10 Friday, April 14
Junior Tuesday,April 11 Friday, April 14
Sophomore Wednesday, April 12 Friday, April 14
Freshman Thursday, April 13 Friday, April 14

View the Academic Calendar for Summer/Fall enrollment deadlines.

*Law students should contact their Academic Coordinator with questions concerning upcoming cohort enrollment.