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UH Publications

The UH Publications portal is comprised of a suite of tools for current and prospective students, staff, and faculty.

The UH Publications portal []consists of

Academic Catalogs

Published annually by the University of Houston Office of the University Registrar (OUR) in conjunction with the Graduate School and Undergraduate Academic Affairs.
Curriculum and policy revision is regulated by the Graduate and Professional Studies Committee (GPSC) and the Undergraduate Committee (UC) of the Faculty Senate in conjunction with the Office of the Provost, as well as any applicable accreditation organizations.

The academic catalog is the document that explicitly states the requirements to which students must adhere in order to complete their degree program.

Catalog Ownership

Degree programs, policies and descriptive information are developed by the University faculty and faculty administration and approved for official offering by the applicable governing bodies.

Catalog Interpretation

Catalog language is interpreted and enforced by:

  • The offices, primarily the academic affairs offices, that use the information, in conjunction with,
  • The Undergraduate Academic Affairs and/or The Graduate School and
  • The Office of the University Registrar.

Catalog Publishing

Approved changes are entered into the catalog and published by the Office of the University Registrar and are made available on the publish date.

Catalog Review/Publishing Cycle

March-August Colleges submit change proposals to programs, courses and policies.
September-December University career committees (GRAD/PRO and UGRAD) approve proposals.
October Request for edits sent to colleges.

Final Review of Edits to narrative text in catalog.
Provost and THECB submit final approvals for changes to programs, courses and policies. Approved changes entered into catalog.


Catalogs published.

Provost approval memo attachment.

Catalog Features

My Portfolio – Allows users to create an account that exists within the catalog that will enable users to:

  • Flag catalog items for future reference.
  • Request contact from UH Admissions regarding items of interest. The email request will include a user-personalized message and all flagged items, in order to facilitate a more efficient, productive conversation.

Degree Planner – A print-friendly worksheet version of the degree requirements is available for all degree plans.

Social Media Links – Users can Tweet or post to Facebook links to catalog pages that they are excited to tell their friends about.

Media-rich Content – Catalog content owners can improve the look and function of their information by including graphics, videos and downloadable attachments.

Dynamically Displayable Content – Departments and colleges can include links to catalog content regarding their program on their websites, eliminating the need to worry about updating it again. The look and function is customizable, enabling a seamless appearance with the website style. Contact for more information about how to use this feature.

Student Handbook
Published annually by the Dean of Students Office.
This publication contains important university information, student life and other related policies, and campus resources information.