Edward T. Hugetz

Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and University Outreach, UH System; Associate Vice President Planning and University Outreach, UH

Edward HugetzAs Associate Vice President for Planning, UH, Edward Hugetz oversees planning and assessment. To that end, Mr. Hugetz administers the Offices of Planning and Special Projects, Institutional Research, and Institutional Effectiveness. The Office of Planning and Special Projects coordinates the University's strategic planning process and develops implementation plans for projects such as the Texas Learning and Computation Center. The Office of Institutional Research provides official university data to the Department of Education, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the university itself. This office also provides analyses of organizational data for internal use. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness assists the University with systematic evaluation of its effort to improve administrative effectiveness, teaching, student learning, and support services. Mr. Hugetz also coordinates the interaction of planning and outreach among the four universities in his capacity as Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and University Outreach, UH System.

As Associate Vice President for University Outreach, UH, Mr. Hugetz oversees KUHF, KUHT, and Distance and Continuing Education. KUHF is a National Public Radio station and an active partner with the greater Houston arts community. KUHT is a Public Broadcasting System station which also delivers UH Distance Education programming. The Distance Education unit provides delivery of undergraduate and graduate programs at regional sites such as the West Houston and North Houston Institutes. It also delivers courses electronically via interactive television, broadcast and cable TV, and the Internet. The Continuing Education program provides public services to the community at large.

Mr. Hugetz's background is in documentary filmmaking. His television series "The Territory," has enjoyed over three decades of showcasing experimental and documentary films. The series has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the MacArthur Foundation, and others. Mr. Hugetz has also served as President of the Board of the Independent Television Service (ITVS) which supports documentaries produced for PBS.