Campus Master Plan

We’re growing in a big way. We’ve just completed a twenty-year plan to make sure we grow in the right way. But don’t worry, we’re keeping our UH hallmarks—plenty of green space, trees, and sculpture.

The plan is to use our 667 acres strategically. We have to. We already have the greatest space deficit of any university in the state. We’re going to increase the number of students on campus from 35,000 to 45,000 in the next ten years. Highlights of our proposed master plan include:

Double the learning space
We’ll have 15 million square feet of learning space compared to our current 8 million.
Double the living space
We’ll become a more residential campus with 11,000 students in apartment-style housing.
Create an arts district
On the north side, we propose an amphitheatre, sculpture garden, and high-ceiling lofts for living and working.
Create a professional district
Along Calhoun, the plan calls for an urban residential street that caters to graduate and married students.
Create an undergraduate district
Along Wheeler, we’ll build house-like apartments that blend into the surrounding community.
Create a stadium district
This will be the campus’ social center, mixing academic and retail space with access to rail and bus lines.
Increased parking
We’ll add more parking garages along the perimeter of campus. Cullen and the center of campus will be closed to auto traffic.

When will all this happen? We’ve already started. We have $59 million in projects in progress right now and $233 million planned over the next five years. The plan will continue to evolve over the coming years and will help guide our future growth.

Multimedia Resources

The following links contain the regents meeting presentation and the UH master plan video.

Regents Meeting Presentation (PDF File)

UH Master Plan Video: