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Cougar Red Readers

Started in spring 2015 Cougar Red Readers was the marriage of Houston Independent School District's Read Houston Read program and the University of Houston's legacy of connecting with the 3rd Ward community. University of Houston student athletes read to 2nd and 3rd grade students at Blackshear Elementary, a neighboring 3rd Ward grade school, for the sake of literacy. Student athletes engage the elementary students creating a  fun-filled interactive story time that helps them learn to love reading.  It’s been shown that if by the time a student reaches the 3rd grade and they are not reading at or above their grade level it can lead to lifelong struggles with learning. Cougar Red Readers is an effort to combat illiteracy and increase chances of lifelong success, while emphasizing the importance of higher education.

For more information on the Cougar Read Readers program contact the Athletics Program Coordinator at